Honoring Veterans

To serve the family of a Veteran is not only a privilege, it is an honor.  Each year, more families trust us to serve their Veteran than any other funeral firm in Genesee County.  There is only one reason for this:  NO ONE serves Veterans or their Families like we do. 

From the moment we are called to serve, to the last farewell at the cemetery or crematory, the Veteran is treated with the utmost care, dignity, and respect possible.

Draping of the Flag

We feel as though not only should a Veteran's casket be draped with the American Flag, but that the Veteran should be draped with a flag at all times.  From the moment the Veteran is brought into our care, regardless of place of death, we drape the Veteran with the American Flag.  From this point on, the Veteran will be draped with a flag until all services are completed.

Funeral Honor Guard

We will be honored to arrange an Honor Guard comprised of Active Duty members of the Veteran's branch of service as well as the Joint Veteran's Council of Genesee County.  These two groups work seamlessly to provide a powerful and final tribute to the Veteran.

Veteran's Benefits

We will advise you of any other benefits which may be available.  In some circumstances, families of a Veteran may be eligible for a monetary benefit as well as a government issued monument or marker.  Click here to learn more about Veteran's Benefits.

National Cemeteries

To be interred in a National Cemetery is a distinct honor.  Eligible Veterans can be interred in any National Cemetery at no cost.*  We are experts at making the arrangements for interment in any National Cemetery and we are so committed to our Continuity of Care that in most circumstances, we will personally escort the Veteran to the selected National Cemetery to supervise interment.  Whether the choice is Bath National, Saratoga, or even Arlington, we are experts at making all of the arrangements and will be honored to provide dignified hearse transportation.*

One Step Further...

Our commitment to the Veterans we serve does not end here.  We will place two American Flags on the front of our hearse as well as apply the seal of the branch of service in which the Veteran was a member to the sides of our hearse during the funeral and procession.

* Denotes that additional funeral home charges may apply.