Price Shopping?  Let us help you.

Most often, families select a funeral home because of a past experience with that firm.  Sometimes however, families do not know which funeral home to select for a variety of reasons. 

Price is among the most important factors for families planning services. We are transparent and up front with all our prices.  We have nothing to hide, and unlike other firms we offer a No Hidden Fee Guarantee!

Recently, the Funeral Consumers' Alliance of Greater Rochester conducted a price survey of every funeral home in Monroe and surrounding counties.  They have complied the information obtained and created an easy to understand spreadsheet.  For your convenience, below is the section which includes Genesee County.  There is also a link to take you to the complete report.

If you wish to view the entire report, please click here.

We know this report is quite overwhelming and can cause even more confusion.  For that reason, we have developed an easy to understand listing of Funeral Plans that are frequently selected.  To view all of your options, please click here

As always, if you have questions, we're just a phone call away.  For all of our contact information, click here.